US Cross Border Estate Issues

Guest Instructor

Kevin Gluc 

US Cross Border Planning Lawyer

1.  Introduction of US cross border issues (20 Mins)

Ø  Income Tax

Ø  Probate Fees

Ø  Estate Tax

Ø  Gift Tax

2.    Who is subject to US taxation? (15 Mins) 

Ø  Citizens

Ø  Residents

Ø  Green Card Holders

Ø  Owner of US situs property

3.    US Income Tax on Death  (15 mins)

Ø  Federal

Ø  State

4.    Probate Fees (10 Mins)

   5.     Federal Estate and Gift Tax (20 Mins)

Ø  US Persons

Ø  US situs property

6.     Planning for US beneficiaries (30 Mins)

Ø  How to calculate potential tax

Ø  US person married to Canadian Person

Ø  US beneficiaries

7.     Tax issues for US Beneficiaries of Canadian Estates (10 Mins)

8.     US Situs Property Planning (15 Mins)

9.     Professional Issues (professionalism- Relationship with clients) (30 mins)

Ø  Restricting Retainers

Ø  When to involve US professionals

Ø  Managing client expectations regarding fees and services to be provided

Ø  Avoiding potential liability through reporting letters

Ø  What advice can a Canadian Lawyer give about US issues?

10.          Questions and Answer Period (15 mins)