Here is what some of our participants have had to say about IWEE :

Absolutely the best event..either under      LSUC or otherwise."

“All in all, probably the best and most practical 3 hours that I have ever spent on CLE”

"I have been to dozens of CLE courses over the past 28 years and IWEE Courses are my favourite."

" informative, enlightening and stimulating"

"I will be signing up for all the programs offered by IWEE. 

"The program inspired me. It made the drive from St. Catharines well worth the effort."

"The small informal group format is inspirational, and leads to dynamic group discussion."


"What makes his courses unique is his ability to cater to the mixed crowd of new and experienced counsel.  He is able to explain complex will and estate concepts in a way that it informs young associates, but still challenges the thinking of the old guard.   The small, intimate format and Jordan’s relaxed style encourages debate and discussion so we all come away with thoughtful and practical ideas about how to better serve our clients.

“Although in recent years, I have had a strong preference for web-based CPD, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the opportunity for interaction last night.”

"Your approach provides a perfect balance – you referred to relevant case law and statute, but in the context of a real, everyday law practice."

The program was great. The format and size works very well.”

“Great value overall.”

“I really did learn a lot of new information from you, and also from many participants who shared their experiences.”

"I found that your seminar did just what it promised to do and more.  Instead of simply listening and asking questions at the end, there was a give and take with all of the other participants during the whole seminar, who brought differing perspectives and experience to the table."  

“The precedents were also very helpful.” 

“I was very impressed with the evening, appreciate your sharing your experience and practices with us and look forward to more.”

“The session was really excellent.”

I think it was really very interesting and informative” 

“We all got so much out of it”